Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathing Babe

At the end of a long day, both Lola and I look forward to bath time. It is a chance for her to get her hair done up in such a way that only  80's hair bands would sport. A chance to play with her bath toys, splish-splashing around, while screeching those eardrum-busting notes. Pure silliness! It's a chance for me to breathe, take in the day and all its offerings, and realize that it was perfect in its own way. And as I sit, washing the day away from her, literally, I realize the fortune that I have been handed. Wow!!! 

There are many days where I sit on the other side of the tub, watching her splash around, listening to her blab about the the things that "matter", and I'm left speechless. She is true love and beauty and smarts, enveloped up, and sealed with a little bit of goofiness! And as the minutes turn into hours, and days, and years, and so on, I will cherish our evenings. I have LOVE!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All we are, we are
And everyday is a start
Of something beautiful.

 Alas, Picnic Wednesday has arrived. And hot enough to redden my freshly-sun screened babe. I got up early, in attempts to get out the door and beat the summer heat. In attempts. We finally made our way over to Le Petit Paris to get my morning fix, something caffeinated and something sinfully-unhealthy. I've only been in this adorable little shop a handful of times, but I'm totally in love with the ambiance and decor! It's very classic Paris meets Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinnette. The woman there has the most lovely French accent and makes the most lovely lattes. I think I may have found my new Monday/Wednesday/Friday guilty pleasure.

Despite the rising heat, we made it over to "our" park. of the advantages to living in Midtown, the variety of parks to choose from! We nestled under a tree and set up our spread. Books, blueberries, grapes, cookies, almonds, and our beverages, along with Lola's favorite, sidewalk chalk, for doodling later.

Aren't you just loving the vintage doilies???
not to mention...
the serial numbers on the jars! ;)

Lola played and played until, finally, she called it quits, her hair matted to her face, cheeks blushed, and arms rosier than her normal shade of plaster. The outing didn't last as long as our prior Picnic Wednesday. Nevertheless, just as fun.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Almost That Time Again...

As the Summer heat subsides, I begin to feel that little bit of pep-in-my-step. Autumn is right around the corner! Since moving up to Sacramento, I have fully become an addict for everything that is Fall-well almost everything. I always look forward to indulging in the changing of the leaves, the crisp air, and the desire to buy cinnamon scented pine cones for my apartment. In wearing brightly colored sweaters, hats, mittens, and scarves. In spending a morning at the grocery store buying all the perfect vegetables necessary to make the perfect homemade soup. In eating that soup. In trying out new recipes, in hopes of making some rather unexciting root veggies, exciting. In baking. In (hopefully) exercising- hopefully

 This time of year is always worth sticking out the horribly hot Summer for. Yes, that's right, Autumn. I'm still here! Your biggest fan, and I couldn't be more excited about your arrival. I can't wait to come out of the closet entitled, "Lovers Of All Things Pumpkin Flavored", and hold my head up high. There will no longer be a need for me to hang my head in shame because I've been secretly endulging in Pumpkin Loaf from Pete's Coffee or those delicious pumpkin muffins from The Bread Store. The ones with the crunchy tops and the most delicious pumkiny flavor. Yes!!!!!!!! I will soon, no longer, be an outcast! 

So when you're ready, Autumn, I'm ready!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Rich, Baby!

I really love our simple life. I love the way we walk to run our errands. I love the way we spend most of our days huddled in the same room. I love the way we all snuggle under the same roof, occasionally in the same bed. Occasionally.
I enjoy the morning breeze that strolls in and helps jump-start my mornings and the cool evenings that roll in and sweep up our day to reveal a sigh of relief. aaaahhhhh!!!! It's so forgiving. We may not have the nicest of places, but still I call it home.  It is not be the boxed up, high- rise, ultra-modern-offset-earth toned apartment that seem to suit many, but it is ours. It will always remain the fortress we brought our little Lola to. That day seems so long ago. It was, for the first time, our safe place, our nest, our perfect place to lay her sweet, little head down to rest. 
We need not be caught up with the  latest and greatest of flat-screen-plasma-what-have-you's, ultra-deluxe cable packages or the shiniest of stainless steel gadgets. We are rich in so many other ways. We are rich in Love. In Trust. In Commitment. We are rich in ways that many others are not. And for that, I am truly blessed. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeding the Soul; Nourishing the Spirit

I love crisp mornings. I love waking up in cozy sweat pants and getting to appreciate the early morning breeze. This morning, however, was a little different than most. The sky was dark and gloomy, and resembled that of an early autumn morning. The ones I've been missing lately. Dreadfully missing. I feel like I don't really have the room to be complaining about the heat we've been having, or more like the lack of it. We could be baking in the 100+ degree weather like our fellow Southern Californians...pity. Although I do hear that it has been a rather mild summer for them. Days only reaching up in the high 90's. AAAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhh..... if you ask me! Might I note, it is 3:45pm and only 74 degrees with a breeze???!!!?!? Go VERY jealous

....Like I was saying....

Once all the windows and blinds were opened up and the Delta breeze began to make its way through our little nest, I realized that today would be a day that I was in need of. So I declared it "Picnic Wednesday", those of you who are my friend on Facebook probably noticed the update on their feed, and set off to make the most of this gorgeous day. Just chubbs and me. 

  I packed our brunch, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, some fun books to read on the grass, Lola's blanket and her gal-pal, before stopping by the coffee shop on our way out. There I picked up every mothers' best friend, an iced double soy latte, apple juice for Lola-this would be a first for her- and a "special occasion soda" for me. Today was definitely going to be our day! 

 We, then, made our way, up and over to my new favorite place to cheat on my diet, Sugarplum. This is the place I (want to) flock to when I'm in need of some "soul lovin". And was my soul in need of lovin'. The girl at the counter wrote this encouraging message on our bag!

How could I not smile? I was spending a day with Lo outdoors, with sweet treats, bubbly soda and avoiding my chores. And as I kept walking the some odd blocks to the park I realized, I was happy. I was really, really, REALLY happy. I felt like today would be the day that restored me. A much needed 'time-out' from reality, just to enjoy Lola and make it about our mother-daughter duet. The more I walked, the faster my stresses were grabbed by the breeze that quickly blew them away. And with that breeze-blessed mentality came peace. A peace that wanted to do anything and everything to make this day about my little Lola. I was put in a trance. One filled in an unfamiliar way, enveloped by my love for my daughter.

As I looked down at her, I noticed my little bean had fallen fast asleep. I guess it was necessary for her to take a pre-picnic siesta, it was, after all, our day! She was out. She slept through the half-dozen lawn mowers and leaf blowers, jack-hammers, and the (random) blue race car.

Lola quickly made a friend at the park. He was a sweet little boy. He played nicely with her, helping her up and down the step, and showing her how to go down the slide.

 We soon retreated to the cool shade and set up camp. An extra large pink beach towel, books, drinks, fruit salad, sweet treats and, of course, a spot for Lola's gal-pal. Spending the time perched Indian-styled, face to face around details of a memorable picnic. Lola's little digits plucking out the fruit that caught her eye, dipping it into cool, refreshing Greek yogurt, was an extra treat. God bless those little fingers!

I love watching those little chunks go from fruit to yogurt, yogurt to mouth, chomp-chomp-chomp, to yogurt then back to mouth, chomp, and repeat!

....and then we moved on to dessert....

I loved the way Lola's little whispies fluttered so delicately with the breeze. 

 So much joy comes from being a mother. Being Lola's mother! I always thought that having joy was just another way of saying you were happy, but I think it goes much deeper than that. Much deeper than being really, really, REALLY happy. Having joy is a true, pure, and spirit-lifting feeling. It's something that I have only felt when surrounded by my little family. I can't put into words, well enough, what my heart has been feeling. All I can say is I HAVE JOY! Being joyful is how I feel with Pieter and Lola- my adventurous and free-spirited little girl.

 The rest of the afternoon was spent reading, picking little flowers from the grass, and of course, trying to keep her from straying too far. It was a wonderful way to spend a day outdoors.

I declare every second Wednesday official "Picnic Wednesday"!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

To You, My Little Lola

When I look at Lola, I see a wonderfully bright little girl. I see charm and curiosity. I see warmth and a sense of humor. I see determination and joy! Being around her has made me a better person. I see myself, now, in a raw and stripped down matter. I see myself for who I really am. I see, and acknowledge, my flaws. And it makes me want to be better. For her. I want to be the parent she can be proud of. I want to be the parent she can look up to. The parent she can confide in.

I see the unconditional love she has for me. And I'm hooked. She gives and gives and gives. And when she is on the couch, about to put her big browns to rest, she reaches for the hand that is rubbing her back and gives it little squeezes. The squeezes mimic a Mores Code message, encrypted with the words I Love You, Mama. And even when we've  had the worst day, the kind where we're both in need of time-outs, at the end of the day she still gives an endless amount of heart-warming snuggles and smooches. The only thing she knows is love!

I feel that if I only learn one thing from being a mother, I hope that it is to love, unconditionally and whole-heatedly, just like she does. I hope that that kind of love would flow from my heart, through my veins, out to those around me.

So to the daughter that is changing and molding me into a better woman, mother, and human being, 
Thank You

Thank you for being the little wonder you are.

With Love, 
Your Mama