Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Mornings

I really enjoy our long mornings. Mornings where we have no schedule, nowhere to go, no real plans to attend to. Mornings when I get an opportunity to make breakfast for myself and Lola (and you too, Pieter! I didn't forget about you). Mornings when I have time to take long, soul warming sips of hot tea from my sage green mug. Mornings occupied by breakfast picnics in the living room on cold rainy days and all the snuggles that come along with them!

 We sat out the storm, drawing with Lola's brand new crayons. The poor little guys were almost eaten alive like last time, but luckily for them, this mama was keeping an eye out. I attempted to impress her by doodling away, pulling out all my tricks. The shapes. The snail. The banana and strawberry.

 "Yeah, not so much, Mom."

We take advantage of the quick break in stormy weather. Suited up with her hands full, clearly annoyed, she waits for me to snap the dang photo.

 The air is brisk and clean with the feeling of early winter. The sky falls victim to the pompous clouds, mighty and grand. The trees have become embellished with bright green moss adding a new level of beauty to our streets.

 Puddles taunt and temp my Lola, knowing that it is close to impossible for her to resist them. She eases in, letting them think they've acquired the upper hand before quickly splashing around, showing them who really runs this town!

 We stop and admire the vibrant flowers, Lola's favorite color, purple.

We make it home with hopes of sweet sleep. Our wishes were granted. 

And just when I drifted off, a loud knock was at the door. It's FFTY Friday. Our expected box of farm fresh produce has finally arrived! I jump out of bed, anxious and excited to see what our waxed cardboard box holds. Containing the usual February cast, red chard, romaine, and collard greens, there were also some rather intimidating tag-alongs, fennel and radicchio treviso (which looks like a giant rose).

Last week was filled with days like this. Slow. Calm. Relaxing. Fueling.

Here's to a new week! Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lola and the Dinosaur

 Lola is a timid little thing. She is shy and cautious. She is adventurous, but not before she turns around to make sure I'm keeping a watchful eye on her. She is curious and loves to explore her surroundings. She enjoys the company of others, but eases her way into interaction if it's a new friend. This goes for dinosaurs too.


"Good dinosaur."

Loving Where You Live- Challenge

The River City is in bloom. Lovely blossoms accent dark wooded trees. Tall grass grows wildly in the lawns of vacant Victorians. And as I stop and look around, I realize how fortunate I am to live in a place that I am in love with. Exploring new areas of Midtown, Lola and I strolled the streets taking note of all the changes Spring is bringing. Trees hanging overhead presented themselves with bold, contrasting blooms, inviting pedestrians to stop and gaze at their beauty-well at least we did.

Spring, like every other season, offers it's own beauty to Midtown living. Now can you see why we love Sac?

 I've been thinking, I can't be the only mom who loves where she lives, can I?
So here's the deal. Every week, I invite you to share with us a photograph(s) of why you love where you live. This will give you, and me, and everyone who joins in, an opportunity to explore their own cities, embrace them for what they offer, ( location, businesses, weather, etc.) and share their love. 

Here are the guidelines:
1)Photo(s) must be taken by YOU.
2)Photo(s) should have an explanation of why you love where you live.
3)You must link up. Button can be found on the right or at the end of my posts. 
4)Be creative and have fun exploring your city!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Button Love

New and improved. Grab it!


Little Things - Horseplay

It has been a couple weeks since I scored on these babies in the Target dollar section. I am happy to report that this little guy has not lost his luster. He has become Lola's pal, her confidant, her partner in crime. She insists on taking him, if not all her barnyard friends, everywhere we go. The way she anxiously scoops up all her babes before we head out the door is hilarious. A panic overcomes her face as she juggles and fumbles cow, pig, and horses.

I have also purchased two smaller horses, one brown and one white, which she also insists on going to bed with. The down part of that is, the smaller horses "neigh". So instead of going to bed at night, she stays awake pushing the button until she neighs herself to sleep.

In Lola's free time, she enjoys catching up on the latest in horse care. She is their devout keeper.


Monday, February 21, 2011

I think...

It's gonna be a good week! I can feel it!
More to come!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Such A Perfect Day

Wednesday was jam-packed. Every minute felt like it passed by faster than the one before and all I could do is hold on tight, hoping to accomplish everything I wanted to. Lola and I spent an extra long morning tucked away under covers. She was tired from a late night of celebrating the completion of Pieter's very first novel, and I, well, didn't feel like a birthday girl's duties should consist of mopping floors, dusting shelves, and tackling the pile of neglected dishes from god knows when. Not right away at least! So we soaked in the sun filled sky through our little bedroom window. And as Lola snuggled up to me trying to find that sweet spot, I held my phone tightly, reading through the sweet words residing in your tweets, emails, Facebook posts and comments, texts, and messages. I felt the love. I really felt the love.

We finally started our morning, baths filled to the rim with bubbles, the cold morning breeze creeping through an open window offering some relief from the steamy, warm, sauna-like bathroom. Tackling Lola's lotioning, fingernail clipping, and dressing post bath can be a challenge at times. Luckily for me, Sesame Street was on. Lola is really liking "Almo" and Abby Cadabby. 

We went out for an early lunch. We took our time. We enjoyed the moments with each other. We shared an eggplant sandwich, farewelled the waitresses that favor Lola, and headed out. 

We ran our errands, stopping at the drugstore for nail polish and lip gloss. I asked Lola for her advice on colors. She recommended "puple". I went with lilac. A good compromise, if you ask me!

On our walk home, the skies went from powder blue to dark and intense. And within a matter of seconds it began pouring. I scooped Lola up, trying desperately to make it home. Lola stretched her arms out, put her face up, and began laughing. I laughed too. Hard. And from the time it took me to go from L to Capitol, the clouds had parted and the sun was out. Amazing!

The rest of the day, I ran around like a mad woman. Cleaning this and that, spraying here and there, dusting, scrubbing, moving the couch and unveiling all the treasures Lola had hidden for me. I painted our nails, revealing matching mother-daughter manicures. Lola liked this. My neglected locks went from the classic mom-pony to half curled because of the brief intermission to finish up this post. I put on my face, feeling anxious, excited, beautiful. I wore special jewelery, pieces presented to me from loved ones. I wore boots and the over-priced cardigan I just couldn't pass up. I'm glad I didn't because I love it!

We dined at a little urban bistro in East Sac. I indulged in bruschetta, parsnip mashed potatoes, and a pork chop the size of my face. I washed it down with wine and was refreshed by cucumber water. I don't remember what Pieter had, and it doesn't really matter because my food was that good!

We held hands, had wonderful dialogue. We were like the hearts of young lover's, fully in tuned, fully awake, fully focused, he on me and I on him. It was beautiful. It was classy. It was romantic.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday was a rough day, mundane and clouded with a canopy of gray skies. I sought out beauty, wearing layers and layers of clothing, trying desperately to find my pre-pregnancy edge. Finding no joy or beauty in my appearance or the pair of singlely-digited sized jeans I was wearing, something I haven't been able to accomplish until just yesterday, little Lo and I set out to find beauty and interpretation of our own. 
I fully intended on making a day of it, a day spent falling in love with the River City, but I opted to bring the stroller, so the scavenger hunt for inspiration was short lived. We did, however, make some rather exciting discoveries. 

Discovery number one:
Spring is on it's way! You could feel it in the air. You could smell the subtle sweetness of beginning blooms on branches and if you stop and look close enough, you just might see Spring's presence.

 Discovery number two:
Lola loves flowers. And if you don't really care for them or have no interest at all, well dammit, she will make you love them too!

 She's a little charmer, huh?!?!

Discovery number three:
Lola is incredibly thoughtful. Sharing in her joy and interest, she scoped out a little bit of love to cheer up this mama.

Discovery number four:
When Lola doesn't want to be on the swings, she doesn't want to be on the swings!

 Discovery number five:
Sacramento's gray cloud cover was moving fast, revealing pockets of blue sky and sunshine. With each time the breeze passed, clouds spread allowing beams of hope to shine through.

 Discovery number six:
Sacramento is covered in these flowers. I don't know what they are, but they vary in color, from white, to red, to pink, to a speckled combination. I love them! The way they decorate their tree reminds me of Sofia Coppola's cake-and-candy take on Marie Antoinette.

 Discovery number seven:
I love the way the breeze blows Lo's hair around. I especially love how irritated she gets when it blows her hair into her face and the way she frantically brushes it away.

Discovery number eight:
 I belong to the amazing club of motherhood. That in itself is beautiful!

My good friend Sherry posted this on her blog a couple months back, and when I realized that I was a club member it came to mind. Enjoy!

 Happy Birthday to me!