Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Almost That Time Again...

As the Summer heat subsides, I begin to feel that little bit of pep-in-my-step. Autumn is right around the corner! Since moving up to Sacramento, I have fully become an addict for everything that is Fall-well almost everything. I always look forward to indulging in the changing of the leaves, the crisp air, and the desire to buy cinnamon scented pine cones for my apartment. In wearing brightly colored sweaters, hats, mittens, and scarves. In spending a morning at the grocery store buying all the perfect vegetables necessary to make the perfect homemade soup. In eating that soup. In trying out new recipes, in hopes of making some rather unexciting root veggies, exciting. In baking. In (hopefully) exercising- hopefully

 This time of year is always worth sticking out the horribly hot Summer for. Yes, that's right, Autumn. I'm still here! Your biggest fan, and I couldn't be more excited about your arrival. I can't wait to come out of the closet entitled, "Lovers Of All Things Pumpkin Flavored", and hold my head up high. There will no longer be a need for me to hang my head in shame because I've been secretly endulging in Pumpkin Loaf from Pete's Coffee or those delicious pumpkin muffins from The Bread Store. The ones with the crunchy tops and the most delicious pumkiny flavor. Yes!!!!!!!! I will soon, no longer, be an outcast! 

So when you're ready, Autumn, I'm ready!

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jenny baker said...

i got my better homes & gardens yesterday with a few fall recipes & other goodies - i'm so happy! hopefully summer cools down really soon & audrey can enjoy her first autumn :) i can't wait to take her to oak glen!