Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marry Me, Pieter!!!!

I've been thinking alot about weddings lately, my wedding to be exact. i go through spurts of really wanting to get married and really not being very anxious about happens to be an anxious one! i have this idea of what kind of wedding i want in the back of my head. today i was looking through a photographers portfolio for no reason at all when i came across pictures from a wedding done similar to the way ( i would like ours to be! so now im gung ho about getting married....GO FIGURE!!! oh well...maybe one day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets

we have been having kind of a hard time keeping Lola in her crib at night. i think my daughter has grown accustomed to being in our bed which really bugs me at times and doesn't so much at others. but it did really get to me one night... it must have been one of those nights where i had to make sure she was really asleep before i put her down in her crib. i was EXHAUSTED. she and i had just gotten over colds and i was trying to catch up on sleep...then all of a sudden i heard her stirring in her crib. then she started whimpering. her whimpers turned into a soft cry (and at this time im praying that she would just fall back asleep), followed by her really upset cry. so we debate amongst ourselves and decide to put her in bed with us just to get through the night. Pieter gets out of bed to pick her up and once she is in his arms he snuggles her so tight. then he places her in between us. once she is on our mattress she looks at both Pieter and me smiling....hhhmmmm.....

Friday, November 06, 2009

Being a Mom

i recently discovered that Pieter had done a little bit of filming at the hospital after i gave birth to our daughter Lola. i cant believe how much that little girl has changed! when parents and friends with babies tell you to cherish every moment because it goes fast, you should take their advice! i really don't remember our little girl being that little! Lola is SO amazing. everyday i see her changing and learning and enjoying life. i get excited just thinking about the fascination each new thing will bring her. i feel alive when i'm with her. i feel as if i see things in an entirely different light. her smile is contagious-she makes my bad days seem not so bad. it's truly wonderful. being a parent has been rewarding. i will take advantage of all the laughter and joys that come along with being a mom because it truly is a privilege.