Saturday, April 15, 2006

it seems like many of us are undergoing massive amounts of change. friends getting married and prepairing for a life together, others breaking up and going their separeate ways, and some just going far away. someone once told me that stress in itself is actually something that we put on ourselves. so why do we do it? for me, i think that it is the consequence of feeling too much. i take the circumstance at hand, evaluate them, decide which emotion i will be going with this time around, usually invoving crying and tears of some sort, and go from there. just to make it perfectly clear, my boyfriend will be leaving the state in a matter of days- roughly 13 to be exact. it has done nothing but torn me apart. much of it is emotionaly attachment, however the other most of it is the uncertainty of our future. sure, much of me wants to believe that all will be peachy 1600 miles away up the coast, but realistically we are both going in blind folded. its a hard thing. there is confidence though.