Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathing Babe

At the end of a long day, both Lola and I look forward to bath time. It is a chance for her to get her hair done up in such a way that only  80's hair bands would sport. A chance to play with her bath toys, splish-splashing around, while screeching those eardrum-busting notes. Pure silliness! It's a chance for me to breathe, take in the day and all its offerings, and realize that it was perfect in its own way. And as I sit, washing the day away from her, literally, I realize the fortune that I have been handed. Wow!!! 

There are many days where I sit on the other side of the tub, watching her splash around, listening to her blab about the the things that "matter", and I'm left speechless. She is true love and beauty and smarts, enveloped up, and sealed with a little bit of goofiness! And as the minutes turn into hours, and days, and years, and so on, I will cherish our evenings. I have LOVE!

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