Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Rich, Baby!

I really love our simple life. I love the way we walk to run our errands. I love the way we spend most of our days huddled in the same room. I love the way we all snuggle under the same roof, occasionally in the same bed. Occasionally.
I enjoy the morning breeze that strolls in and helps jump-start my mornings and the cool evenings that roll in and sweep up our day to reveal a sigh of relief. aaaahhhhh!!!! It's so forgiving. We may not have the nicest of places, but still I call it home.  It is not be the boxed up, high- rise, ultra-modern-offset-earth toned apartment that seem to suit many, but it is ours. It will always remain the fortress we brought our little Lola to. That day seems so long ago. It was, for the first time, our safe place, our nest, our perfect place to lay her sweet, little head down to rest. 
We need not be caught up with the  latest and greatest of flat-screen-plasma-what-have-you's, ultra-deluxe cable packages or the shiniest of stainless steel gadgets. We are rich in so many other ways. We are rich in Love. In Trust. In Commitment. We are rich in ways that many others are not. And for that, I am truly blessed. 


Jamie Lane said...

I -love- this! Who needs a nice TV when you've got lots of love around! :)

Brittany Noelle Scott said...

I love it Lucy! I love reading your blog because you always inspire me to appreciate life and to be a good mom!

P.s. I didn't buy a moby, I made another one. They don't make them as cute as I do:) The first one I made coleman HATED because there wasn't enough give in the fabric but I learned my lesson and he LOVES this one! He falls asleep in it all the time!

sherry said...

I was telling my mother what an amazing writer you are, so I read this to her as proof. She agrees :)