Thursday, March 31, 2011

Park Day, 3 Ways

 I'm really loving this weather. Weather that seems to lift my spirits after a night of little sleep. We've spent the last three afternoons under a bright blue sky, gaining new tan lines which mark the hours spent under high heat. With each day comes a progression in rising temperatures and by the third, we were sporting shorts and tanks. I've enjoyed this weather so much that I've completely put blogging aside for a couple days. And though I sit here, racking my brain for adjectives and synonyms to better explain the joy-filled days we've had, I realize that these photos themselves, are proof enough of that joy.

Day ONE:

Day TWO:

I'm looking forward to many more days like this...
 ...and like this!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're Home

We've made it home. Suitcases are unpacked, our fridge is empty, and our hearts are full. We spent four wonderful days filled with conversation, laughs, and the sound of little girls playing (more about our trip later). It was great though. We fled the damp and dreary Sacramento weather and indulged in sunny skies, cool breezes, and the occasional feeling that our sweaters weren't necessary. And after our days spent sharing thoughts about life and parenthood and faith, we jumped back on a plane and headed back to our little home. Doesn't Lola look so big now?!?! She travels in style with her little Hello Kitty backpack.

 It feels good to be home. Familiar. Comforting. My heart and mind feel rested and rejuvinated. I'm anxious to get out of vacation mode and jump back into our routine of park dates, sidewalk chalk, grocery shopping, long naps, late morning walks, and upping the ante on our Spring decor. I'm anxious for warmer weather, bubbles, the way Lo's little toes sit so nicely in sandals, and ripe slices of watermelon. I'm anxious to dive back into a world of blogging, documenting, and recording. It's going to be a good week! 

Hello Sacramento! It's wonderful to see you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Things - Long Afternoon Naps

Our morning started off right. Taking our time through breakfast and back to back episodes of Word World. The little smile that resides on my face as Little Chicken races from the TV stand, over to me, just to share the delicious beauty of strawberries. Her cheeks, chin and neck are stained proudly, promoting her enjoyment.  Kindness resides in her. We are learning about sharing and her progress in this new territory is evident. There is hope. She is beginning to mutter sweet little Thank You's when she is handed something. 

Outside is cold and wet and breezy, not my kind of day at all. This weather is tiring and makes me crave naps and Chinese food. Movies. Heavy blankets. Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and Iron and Wine. There is much that needs to be done, besides the normal clean up, that is. I'm excited and waiting for the chance to fold freshly laundered clothing, tucking it into our big suitcase, rallying up the troops, and heading out. It's a much needed vacation we've planned and have been waiting for since January. We are thrilled to spend time with friends whose life seemingly parallels our own.

But until then, we'll bake cookies, bringing the sweet scent of warm sugar into our tiny apartment. We'll camp out on blankets with books and snacks. We'll craft up flowers and blooms to hang from our front window. We'll wait for that face. That face that comes upon my little sweetness as she lays there, propped up with fluffy pillows. Snuggling. Watching the trees dance with the wind. Feeling the cold rush of breeze as it races in through a cracked bedroom window. 

I'll lay and wait for the slowing intensity of her breath. The way her warm little cheek rests on my chest.
 The way we drift off into a land of uninterrupted dreams. We'll take our time, soaring through skies, running through plains, meeting new faces. Finding love and seeking peace, indulging in the beauty of long afternoon naps.

Sometimes, this is the kind of beauty I crave. The beauty of simplicity, the little things in my life that mean more to me than cleaning, packing, organizing. Sometimes it's little things, like basking in the richness of long naps, snuggled up with Lola, buried under a mountain of blankets, that up the value of my already priceless life. These days offer opportunities to realize that, even if nothing gets done, it's okay.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Things - Messy Mornings

Our house is a disaster. I fully had every intention of spending the day picking up laundry that was unsuccessful in making it in the basket, cleaning our bathroom, top to bottom, and tackling the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I got to dishes, but that's where I called it quits. Our skies were filled from side to side with sunshine, a nice break from the cold, windy, and very rainy weather we've been having. We did our Monday breakfast thing, meeting up with friends, talking about our memories of each other's pregnancies and to saying our final goodbyes. We celebrated Lola's birthday, showering her with love, hugs, and gifts. We came home, camped out in the living room and played with her new toy.

Moon Dough. A weird, thick feeling, cotton candyish substance, that flakes away light as a feather and is messier than play dough, but much easier to clean up.

No, no, Lola. We do not eat the Moon Dough!

 Today I need to kick it into high gear. The house must be cleaned or I will lose my mind. We have a big week ahead of us! Traveling to stay with our close friends!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1.   The best deal I've ever gotten is: Wolfgang Tilmans's Burg. I bought it at a discount book store in Riverside for something like $5. His photography is stunning. It saddens me to admit that I lost it in one of the moves. If anyone happens to have an extra copy and wants to "sell" it to me for less than the Amazon used book price, you know where to find me... ;)

2.  If I were hosting a dinner party and could invite people from my fantasy guest list it would include: I have a feeling that this list will quickly turn into one of all my secret celebrity crushes... next question...

3.  Something that inspires me is: my mother- she gives and gives and gives and never expects anything in return. It's her best quality. She is amazing. Also my MIL. She, as well, is amazing. She always challenges me to want more, to strive for better, which is good from time to time since I'm always okay with what I have. My daughter- her innocence is beautiful. Being outdoors- seeing the world for what it is, taking in its richness and depth and realizing that I am part of something bigger. That inspires me. 
4.  If I could only choose to eat one flavor of food for the rest of eternity (sweet, salty, spicy, bitter....) I would have to go with: Right now, I would say spicy. I've been on a really big spice kick lately. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably retract my answer and default to sweet. I've got a total sweet tooth!

5.  I dream about: finishing college, maybe getting my master's degree. Living in Mexico. Being bilingual. Spending Summers eating authentic Mexican food while Lola ran around in her huaraches (those leather Mexican sandals), playing with cousins she didn't even know existed. Yes, she would spend her Summers indulging in the richness of her childhood and I would spend mine stuffing my face!

6.  My weekend will be spent: working, primarily. Hopefully spending quality time with P, maybe watching a movie. Shopping for a new pair of Toms. Snuggling up with Lo. 

7.  If I could only  watch one movie or TV show for the rest of my life, it would be: Something visually stimulating. Maybe Amelie. I would pick something that was really detailed so I could spend eternity scoping out new little hidden treasures. I would have to be guaranteed that I wouldn't end up hating it though.

This one's for you, Granny Great!

We've had a great week. A week where meltdowns and tantrums were sparing, time-outs were virtually unnecessary, and despite a week lacking in the sunshine department, we made the most of our rainy days, staying indoors, snuggling up a little more, falling in love at the heart.

We took long naps late in the afternoon. Lola had her post nap-bed head perfected mid-week. Her little curls fanning out like a mix between X-Men's, Wolverine and Gene Wilder in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We enjoyed the subtle reminders of Santa Fe.
Blue corn chips.

Lola's new pair of moccasins.

The hand embroidered dress I bought at an open air market.

 We spent rainy afternoons indoors, coloring and crafting, relocating daily from highchair to living room floor. We brought color back into our little apartment with butterflies made from the outlines of Lola's little hands.

Behold! The meltdown of the week award goes to... 
Little Chicken!

During one of our coloring expeditions, Lola accidentally stepped on her yellow crayon. She tried and tried to get the little guy back together, but nothing worked.

I'm not joking with the next photo. She was so sad. Heartbroken. Probably even devastated about the loss of her dear friend, Yellow Crayon. He was always a good crayon, bright and chipper. He always brought joy and laughter to her life. R.I.P Yellow #5. You will forever be in our hearts.

...and after the dark period passes, brighter days arise. All is good in the world again.

Yes, I rocked the same hair style two days in a row. It's both cute and functional.

We stand up by our window, gazing at the sun setting spectacle taking place before our eyes. As the sun drifted behind the yellow trimmed Victorian, feeling the last of its warmth on our face, we settled in and looked forward to what tomorrow held.

We miss you Granny Great!!!