Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All we are, we are
And everyday is a start
Of something beautiful.

 Alas, Picnic Wednesday has arrived. And hot enough to redden my freshly-sun screened babe. I got up early, in attempts to get out the door and beat the summer heat. In attempts. We finally made our way over to Le Petit Paris to get my morning fix, something caffeinated and something sinfully-unhealthy. I've only been in this adorable little shop a handful of times, but I'm totally in love with the ambiance and decor! It's very classic Paris meets Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinnette. The woman there has the most lovely French accent and makes the most lovely lattes. I think I may have found my new Monday/Wednesday/Friday guilty pleasure.

Despite the rising heat, we made it over to "our" park. of the advantages to living in Midtown, the variety of parks to choose from! We nestled under a tree and set up our spread. Books, blueberries, grapes, cookies, almonds, and our beverages, along with Lola's favorite, sidewalk chalk, for doodling later.

Aren't you just loving the vintage doilies???
not to mention...
the serial numbers on the jars! ;)

Lola played and played until, finally, she called it quits, her hair matted to her face, cheeks blushed, and arms rosier than her normal shade of plaster. The outing didn't last as long as our prior Picnic Wednesday. Nevertheless, just as fun.


jenny baker said...

i love her outfit!

Silly Doodah said...

Love the cute clothes. Love the jars with doilies. Looooove Petite Paris! That used to be my Sunday Afternoon treat. :)