Thursday, March 31, 2011

Park Day, 3 Ways

 I'm really loving this weather. Weather that seems to lift my spirits after a night of little sleep. We've spent the last three afternoons under a bright blue sky, gaining new tan lines which mark the hours spent under high heat. With each day comes a progression in rising temperatures and by the third, we were sporting shorts and tanks. I've enjoyed this weather so much that I've completely put blogging aside for a couple days. And though I sit here, racking my brain for adjectives and synonyms to better explain the joy-filled days we've had, I realize that these photos themselves, are proof enough of that joy.

Day ONE:

Day TWO:

I'm looking forward to many more days like this...
 ...and like this!

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Andrea Neudorf said...

HAha! Love that she's wearing her sunglasses all three days!! And the shorts she's wearing on day three are so CUTE!