Thursday, March 17, 2011

This one's for you, Granny Great!

We've had a great week. A week where meltdowns and tantrums were sparing, time-outs were virtually unnecessary, and despite a week lacking in the sunshine department, we made the most of our rainy days, staying indoors, snuggling up a little more, falling in love at the heart.

We took long naps late in the afternoon. Lola had her post nap-bed head perfected mid-week. Her little curls fanning out like a mix between X-Men's, Wolverine and Gene Wilder in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We enjoyed the subtle reminders of Santa Fe.
Blue corn chips.

Lola's new pair of moccasins.

The hand embroidered dress I bought at an open air market.

 We spent rainy afternoons indoors, coloring and crafting, relocating daily from highchair to living room floor. We brought color back into our little apartment with butterflies made from the outlines of Lola's little hands.

Behold! The meltdown of the week award goes to... 
Little Chicken!

During one of our coloring expeditions, Lola accidentally stepped on her yellow crayon. She tried and tried to get the little guy back together, but nothing worked.

I'm not joking with the next photo. She was so sad. Heartbroken. Probably even devastated about the loss of her dear friend, Yellow Crayon. He was always a good crayon, bright and chipper. He always brought joy and laughter to her life. R.I.P Yellow #5. You will forever be in our hearts.

...and after the dark period passes, brighter days arise. All is good in the world again.

Yes, I rocked the same hair style two days in a row. It's both cute and functional.

We stand up by our window, gazing at the sun setting spectacle taking place before our eyes. As the sun drifted behind the yellow trimmed Victorian, feeling the last of its warmth on our face, we settled in and looked forward to what tomorrow held.

We miss you Granny Great!!!


jenny baker said...

i love your heidi-hair :) where'd you get the moccasins?

Lucy said...

I got them online. They are Minnetonkas.