Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Things - Messy Mornings

Our house is a disaster. I fully had every intention of spending the day picking up laundry that was unsuccessful in making it in the basket, cleaning our bathroom, top to bottom, and tackling the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I got to dishes, but that's where I called it quits. Our skies were filled from side to side with sunshine, a nice break from the cold, windy, and very rainy weather we've been having. We did our Monday breakfast thing, meeting up with friends, talking about our memories of each other's pregnancies and to saying our final goodbyes. We celebrated Lola's birthday, showering her with love, hugs, and gifts. We came home, camped out in the living room and played with her new toy.

Moon Dough. A weird, thick feeling, cotton candyish substance, that flakes away light as a feather and is messier than play dough, but much easier to clean up.

No, no, Lola. We do not eat the Moon Dough!

 Today I need to kick it into high gear. The house must be cleaned or I will lose my mind. We have a big week ahead of us! Traveling to stay with our close friends!!!


Andrea Neudorf said...

Ah I never make it past my dishes either!! So frustrating!! Lola looks so cute playin with her moon dough:)

Sara said...

That moon dough is crazy stuff! I must tackle my every growing mountain of laundry as well...

AJ said...

Looks like she had great fun...beautiful shots!

Sue said...

Funny how kids always want to eat play dough, or moon dough, for that matter.

I always thought it would taste wonderful and was so surprised every time it didn't.