Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Mornings

I really enjoy our long mornings. Mornings where we have no schedule, nowhere to go, no real plans to attend to. Mornings when I get an opportunity to make breakfast for myself and Lola (and you too, Pieter! I didn't forget about you). Mornings when I have time to take long, soul warming sips of hot tea from my sage green mug. Mornings occupied by breakfast picnics in the living room on cold rainy days and all the snuggles that come along with them!

 We sat out the storm, drawing with Lola's brand new crayons. The poor little guys were almost eaten alive like last time, but luckily for them, this mama was keeping an eye out. I attempted to impress her by doodling away, pulling out all my tricks. The shapes. The snail. The banana and strawberry.

 "Yeah, not so much, Mom."

We take advantage of the quick break in stormy weather. Suited up with her hands full, clearly annoyed, she waits for me to snap the dang photo.

 The air is brisk and clean with the feeling of early winter. The sky falls victim to the pompous clouds, mighty and grand. The trees have become embellished with bright green moss adding a new level of beauty to our streets.

 Puddles taunt and temp my Lola, knowing that it is close to impossible for her to resist them. She eases in, letting them think they've acquired the upper hand before quickly splashing around, showing them who really runs this town!

 We stop and admire the vibrant flowers, Lola's favorite color, purple.

We make it home with hopes of sweet sleep. Our wishes were granted. 

And just when I drifted off, a loud knock was at the door. It's FFTY Friday. Our expected box of farm fresh produce has finally arrived! I jump out of bed, anxious and excited to see what our waxed cardboard box holds. Containing the usual February cast, red chard, romaine, and collard greens, there were also some rather intimidating tag-alongs, fennel and radicchio treviso (which looks like a giant rose).

Last week was filled with days like this. Slow. Calm. Relaxing. Fueling.

Here's to a new week! Happy Monday!

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Jhen.Stark said...

Ah! It might be because I'm extremely emotional tonight, but this post made me get all warm, fuzzy and tear up! I love that picture with her holding her horse in her hands and she's outdoors! LOVE IT! And those rain boots!

Lucy, I've decided to start spreading the bloggy love so tomorrow, check the blog to see yours highlighted ;0)