Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loving Where You Live- Challenge

The River City is in bloom. Lovely blossoms accent dark wooded trees. Tall grass grows wildly in the lawns of vacant Victorians. And as I stop and look around, I realize how fortunate I am to live in a place that I am in love with. Exploring new areas of Midtown, Lola and I strolled the streets taking note of all the changes Spring is bringing. Trees hanging overhead presented themselves with bold, contrasting blooms, inviting pedestrians to stop and gaze at their beauty-well at least we did.

Spring, like every other season, offers it's own beauty to Midtown living. Now can you see why we love Sac?

 I've been thinking, I can't be the only mom who loves where she lives, can I?
So here's the deal. Every week, I invite you to share with us a photograph(s) of why you love where you live. This will give you, and me, and everyone who joins in, an opportunity to explore their own cities, embrace them for what they offer, ( location, businesses, weather, etc.) and share their love. 

Here are the guidelines:
1)Photo(s) must be taken by YOU.
2)Photo(s) should have an explanation of why you love where you live.
3)You must link up. Button can be found on the right or at the end of my posts. 
4)Be creative and have fun exploring your city!


Andrea Neudorf said...

Oh my goodness! That tree and those flowers look amazing!!!

Jhen.Stark said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Technically I don't love where I live, but now that I found this challenge, I'm going to take it and try to see it through a different light. I'm going to play along- if I miss it this week, then I'm playing next week! SO FUN!