Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday was a rough day, mundane and clouded with a canopy of gray skies. I sought out beauty, wearing layers and layers of clothing, trying desperately to find my pre-pregnancy edge. Finding no joy or beauty in my appearance or the pair of singlely-digited sized jeans I was wearing, something I haven't been able to accomplish until just yesterday, little Lo and I set out to find beauty and interpretation of our own. 
I fully intended on making a day of it, a day spent falling in love with the River City, but I opted to bring the stroller, so the scavenger hunt for inspiration was short lived. We did, however, make some rather exciting discoveries. 

Discovery number one:
Spring is on it's way! You could feel it in the air. You could smell the subtle sweetness of beginning blooms on branches and if you stop and look close enough, you just might see Spring's presence.

 Discovery number two:
Lola loves flowers. And if you don't really care for them or have no interest at all, well dammit, she will make you love them too!

 She's a little charmer, huh?!?!

Discovery number three:
Lola is incredibly thoughtful. Sharing in her joy and interest, she scoped out a little bit of love to cheer up this mama.

Discovery number four:
When Lola doesn't want to be on the swings, she doesn't want to be on the swings!

 Discovery number five:
Sacramento's gray cloud cover was moving fast, revealing pockets of blue sky and sunshine. With each time the breeze passed, clouds spread allowing beams of hope to shine through.

 Discovery number six:
Sacramento is covered in these flowers. I don't know what they are, but they vary in color, from white, to red, to pink, to a speckled combination. I love them! The way they decorate their tree reminds me of Sofia Coppola's cake-and-candy take on Marie Antoinette.

 Discovery number seven:
I love the way the breeze blows Lo's hair around. I especially love how irritated she gets when it blows her hair into her face and the way she frantically brushes it away.

Discovery number eight:
 I belong to the amazing club of motherhood. That in itself is beautiful!

My good friend Sherry posted this on her blog a couple months back, and when I realized that I was a club member it came to mind. Enjoy!

 Happy Birthday to me!


Silly Doodah said...

1) Love how she carries her horse around. 2) The flowers are camellias. Sac is famous for them.

Nitzalie said...

Oh what an adorable outfit she's wearing! And she's a cutie-pie:)