Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Things - Horseplay

It has been a couple weeks since I scored on these babies in the Target dollar section. I am happy to report that this little guy has not lost his luster. He has become Lola's pal, her confidant, her partner in crime. She insists on taking him, if not all her barnyard friends, everywhere we go. The way she anxiously scoops up all her babes before we head out the door is hilarious. A panic overcomes her face as she juggles and fumbles cow, pig, and horses.

I have also purchased two smaller horses, one brown and one white, which she also insists on going to bed with. The down part of that is, the smaller horses "neigh". So instead of going to bed at night, she stays awake pushing the button until she neighs herself to sleep.

In Lola's free time, she enjoys catching up on the latest in horse care. She is their devout keeper.



Secret Mom Thoughts said...

So cute.

deb duty said...

These are so sweet.

leigh said...

Is there a love more pure than the one that exists between a little girl and horses?

Thanks for linking up!

Nessa said...

I love when they find "that" toy... the one you never regret buying.

Cyn said...

I love that you get down on her level to shoot -- I do that often with my daughter! Lovely!!!

Marla said...

I love that second shot. It's precious. :)

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