Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crafts and Toes

We have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine of last week- one spent outdoors, on walks, and at parks making new friends. We lived it up, swapping naps for scoops of gelato, enjoying the company of friends on outdoor patios. Our little apartment heated up mid-afternoon, the way it does in Spring and Summer, and boy did it feel good.

We enjoyed our indoor activities as well as the ones outdoors. Special crafts jeweled with glitter and swamped with stickers adorn our window and fridge. Crafts have been our past-times.

 Watch carefully for Lola's keen sleight of hand abilities...

 "Oh, I'm just checking out my progress, Mom. I promise!"

 She's one smooth operator! The proof is in the pudding, honey! You simply cannot be trusted alone with crayons.

The presence of warmer weather has also brought these little guys out from their warm, socky abodes.

Cute right?!!?


Andrea Neudorf said...

those are all such cute pictures:) and I love her jeans!!!

love and life ♥ said...

Wow that sky is so blue! Great shots of the little one, she is too adorable!!! xo

Mary said...

What crafty toes! Very sweet.