Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Little Things - One Way Ticket

As I sit here, flustered at the fact that I could barely get Lola to eat anything today, I feel defeat resting on my shoulders. I feel as though our whole day was spent butting heads. Spent trying to reassure myself that nothing was wrong. Spent trying to juggle my Monday task of cleaning the house and keeping my little one happy. Spent hearing the meltdowns, seeing her big browns fill with tears, her face redden the way it does when she is upset or isn't getting her way. Too many times today I felt like collapsing my face into my hands and just letting frustration and bewilderment take over. I'm wiped out. I'm tired. I'm edgy.

The eating issue continued long into the evening. She rejected most of her dinner, only subjecting herself to the sauteed mushrooms and few pieces of cauliflower on her orange leopard dinner plate. She eventually seemed excited about the halved avocado and peach, shoveling them into her mouth as though she had been without for three days. Oh well. 

I picked her up, wiping her face and hands of the avocadoy goodness. 
 I attempted to change her into her pajamas, but she wasn't having it. A distraction was needed. Ah-ha! Flashlight. After she was jammied, I turned off the lights and we sat on the couch, illuminating the living room.

This shed some light on our situation.  :)

Lola is coming into her own. She is only nine weeks away from turning two. Yes, it's true. The infamous terrible twos are knocking at our door and they are knocking hard. I've discovered that Lola is a feisty, fiery, strong-willed, little thing. She has opinions and preferences and we are starting to hear them. Though she cannot always formulate the words to express herself, she is still entitled to be heard. I want her to feel free to express those notions. I want her to stand strong and know that she should always be true to herself because she was raised in such a way that everyone's opinion matters. A way that, even in disagreements, those points are expressed and heard with love. 

So what do I do now? I embrace these next couple months or years or how ever long we'll be on this train headed straight for the terrible twos. We have a one way ticket, baby! This is our daughter's life. It's our life. These are defining years for her. These years will mold and shape her, bringing her closer to her predestined role of best human ever

I can't allow myself to feel defeated. We will have bad days. I just need to keep pressing on and keep loving.



Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Fun shots. Kids can be challenging for sure. Hang in there mama.

Anika said...

Mine turns 2 in a few weeks too...wills do become strong dont they? I also understand the eating frustrations...I particularly love the nights when I make 4 different meals for dinner before giving up. ;) Hang in there!

Dixie Mom said...

Cool pictures. I think you may be right...just keep hanging on...those 2's can be brutal...but memorable.

Stopped by from the Happiness Project.

Daffy said...

spotlighting where to refocus things....the beautiful face of your doll....wonderful photos

Mine is 2 1/2.... fun times...with LOTS of deep breaths!

deb duty said...

Very sweet photos! Those toddler years can be tough, but oh so fun and rewarding too.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

These are too sweet, tho I know it's tough for Mama. XO! We were told with both boys that at "2" there is only so little they can control...and food is often the choice.

P.S. Thank you for the sweet comment. I sure wish you and Lola could join us for a stroll!

Sue said...

Good luck with the 2's! They are challenging, for sure. It's hard to balance letting toddlers express themselves with setting reasonable limits for them.

What fun! (I'm kinda glad I'm past it, to be honest.) But I did enjoy it, mostly.


love and life ♥ said...

Awww such fun shots!

leigh said...

Love the flashlight shots.. So cool!

I have a 23 month old and he is INSANE right now. Hang in there. You sound like a great mama.