Saturday, March 05, 2011

Post-nap Park Visits

Yesterday was warm and pleasant, reminding me that longer days of sunshiney goodness are just around the corner. Days where breakfast picnics under big shade trees and post nap-park visits won't have to compete for our attention because soon, we can have it all. Soon, the sky will be big and bright and the sun will be out and everything will be as it was. The sun's heat will warm our hearts and our flesh, and I, too, will feel like a child. Yesterday, we took advantage of the increase in temperature. We woke from our nap, yes, we, refreshed, itching for a change in pace. We needed to spice things up. We shoveled our necessities into a bag and headed out the door.

It had been months since our last post-nap park visit. Seated on a bench fairly close to where Lola played, I watched, realizing how much she had grown. She moved so confidently and effortlessly.

I love seeing her approach the world with curious eyes. She wants to know about everything, not hesitating to dive right in. 

Of course her little friends made it into our bag of necessities before leaving the apartment. Lola quickly drops everything once they catch her eye!

She plays and plays and plays, throwing in the occasional "neigh". She has a wonderful imagination.

Warmer days are just around the corner. Weekly Farmer's Markets with the familiar faced vendors, plump fruits with their intoxicating flavor, and the freshest vegetables a girl could ask for. Afternoons spent on sidewalks warmed by the Summer sun, chalking it up. The scent of a sunscreen lathered, rosy cheeked little chicken and evenings spent at the park for a dinner picnic. Ah yes, those days are almost here!

Have a happy weekend!

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