Friday, August 12, 2011

We're trying to get back into the swing of things. A routine that starts with a cd strategically placed on our windowsill to catch the morning's light, reflecting arches of colors over my little sweet's crib in hopes that she'll catch a glimpse of the sudden miracle and start the morning off with a smile. A routine that requires a ritualistic and appropriately named cup of Awake tea, steamed non-fat, heavy foam, and a heavy helping of cinnamon, as we head over to our near by park.
We've gone on walks and rushed to our favorite stand at the local farmer's market, but all I want to do is seep deep in vacation mode. My house wears the signs of a mama who's retreated to this hideaway. Floors, only vacuumed twice, dishes tucked away in a soapy bath a little longer than even I'm comfortable with, and the laundry, well I don't really need to get into that one. Instead of tying the loose ends around the house, we let it be. We read books and watch movies and enjoy our snacks like old friends catching up over cups coffee. This mentality, this laissez-faire way of life, can sometimes be sweet. Sometimes it's how I savor little memories and special moments.

Like taking Lola to see the horses by Meema's house, seeing the way her little eyes widen with excitement.

Or her curiosity when she experienced the beach for the first time, the feeling of each minute grain of sand between her tiny toes. The sound of constant waves running up on shore and the chills felt when tiny toes were dipped at the water's edge.
Or the early morning trek we took to see the horses once more, creeping out of the house while the boys stayed in. The way the deep and dense fog crept slowly yet consistently over Leo Carillo, my little girl tucked away in the stroller observing the cottontails and little birds scurrying by, was picturesque.

Or the hike exposing the contrasting beauty of ocean and mountains of Meema's land. Lola hiked to the top like an old pro and Pieter played forest ranger extraordinaire, scouting out the places deer had been, proving that he is really just a boy at heart.

Or the time we spent with family celebrating my brother's return.

Or how we ended our last day with a trip with a visit to the Malibu farmer's market. The sight of locals crowding under tents in search of fruits and veggies, milk, juice, eggs, flowers, and baked goodies. Then, giving Lola chance to play like a local child at the Malibu Country Mart Courtyard.

There were so many other wonderful memories, some of which I'll remember forever. I look forward to more family vacations in the future.

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