Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Mental Notes

My blog has been collecting dust lately. Neglected and set beside the mountains of things I'd rather be doing. Things that have consumed our days from the early moments when my alarm chirps so softly that I gamble recklessly, sleeping through it for the last few minutes of extra sleep, finally ending in those quiet moments long after the sun has settled and the last bit of day's heat is quickly overpowered by the brisk nightly breeze that sweeps through our opened windows. Lola is tucked away in her crib. Calm and quiet. Peacefully embracing the piles of stuffed plush that rest on her chest.

The last eleven days have been full. Busy, yet calm. Spent well.

We've spent early afternoons walking the grid, rediscovering old parks with new produce stands where my little girl plays fruit critic-extraordinaire. I watch her carefully examine peaches, blackberries, strawberries, and cherries for the best of the best- the leaders of the pack. After making her decision, she excitedly carries the bags of lucky chosen ones to the playground nearby where she's reunited with an old friend.
And just like that, in the moment when her eyes meet those of the large green piece of plastic playground equipment, I realize where we were and how far we've come.

We prolonged afternoon naps, snuggling up with snacks, Lola's PBS Kids app, and this blog. We set our lists aside and took advantage of the opportunity to sit and be. And sometimes, that's okay.

 Lola has broadened her horizons and set her sights on bigger and better things. She has abandoned her love for Dora the Explorer and has since moved on to Go Diego, Go. I personally back her decision 100%. Since she's moved on, I consistently have this song stuck in my head. With this new found love for Diego comes an interest in photography. Behold, Lola's sweet shots.
 Like her mama, she photographs the things she loves. 

Lola had her first swimming lesson last week. As she sat along the pool's edge nervously looking around at parents and toddlers coupled in the water beneath her, I could see the fear shamelessly pouring out of her big brown eyes. She finally gave in and entered the pool. Proud parent moment number one. Later in the lesson, the parents were instructed to face their child out, their backs to our chests, and were prompted to rest the back of their head on our shoulder, allowing their tiny bodies to float. Lola was not okay with this. She would quickly stiffen up the moment she felt the rush of cold pool water run up the back of her neck. We pressed on though, trying time after time. Suddenly, I felt her relax, her tiny body floating up slowly. She let go. Trusted me. Proud parent moment number two.
We decorated signs and baked goodies for my brother. Lola was very reserved with her coloring skills at first, but with a boost in confidence and a few encouraging words, she added her own little flair, perfecting and creating a one of a kind masterpiece.
 Be free, my little wild flower.


Jessica said...

Great photos! She is a cutie!

Sue said...

Such a darling post about a darling daughter.


Andrea Neudorf said...

I love the way you write, Looks like you and lola love spending time together, seems like you have such a special bond:)

Tamar SB said...

She is too cute! Love her photographs too!

Sarah said...

She is sooo smart. You are such a great momma!