Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Things - Discoveries

As the summer months pass us by, the closeness of crisper weather is becoming evident in our surroundings. Tall trees are clothed with paper-thin leaves, muted and dry from a season of high heat. They spend their days bathing in rays straight from the heavens and when the sun hits them just right, they shimmer a silvery light.

The Summer sun plays the distinguished role of a couturier, busy during fashion week. The burnt, tiny holes meticulously placed on every leaf, mimic the detailed beauty and sophistication of vintage lace.

And at the sight of these little, delicate beauties scattered along the warm summer sidewalk, the radiant innocence of her age shines through.

My sweet little discoverer.


Silly Doodah said...

Oooh. Love the photos of the leaves! And I love the metaphor of lace. Nicely done. Anticipating autumn with you! :D

Andrea said...

wow, the leaves look so beautiful! I love the way you write, I think I have said that before though, and I love lola's outfit!!