Friday, July 01, 2011

New Day

 When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams. -Dr. Seuss

The sun rises each day, presenting a new opportunity to love her a little better. A little more. To get to know her and to see her a little clearer. And I've been falling so hard for this little girl lately.
Even after those that seem never ending, exhausted from a day's worth of mothering, after all the smooches, the noses, and the group hugs, when she's all tucked away in her crib and I sit on the couch to reflect on my day, all I want to do is scoop her up and have a couple more minutes. In those reflective moments, the moments at the end of the evening when my day is put into rewind and played back in my mind, that is when my life is put into perspective. All the negativity, the exhaustion, the irritable state of mind I was in during nap time because Lola's animals wouldn't stop talking to each other and because she wouldn't stop shaking the bed, those little moments are stripped down and puffed away and all that's left is how I think her little two year old imagination is beautiful and the realization that she squirms only to prevent herself from napping when in reality, she ends up knocking herself out. I should just go with it more.
She is so charming and so expressive.

I've come to realize that every night as I go to bed, I don't do it hoping to fall asleep and dream the dreams of my little girl running through fields of wild flowers, laughing so hard because she thinks knows her mom is the funniest human on the planet. Those dreams would be nice, of course. But I do it to wake up to her. To see her little morning face with matted hair and hear her little voice chirp the sweetest words as her little eyes catch me in her sight, "Hi, Mommy!"

I sleep to wake to a new day with her. The next page in this chapter of our lives.


Jhen.Stark said...

Lucy- my goodness, I loved this post!!! I especially love that line that sums it all up- "I sleep to wake to a new day with her." Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

This post was so incredible : ) I LOVE it. Mothering really and truly is the best thing on the planet, isn't it? The very best.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful post. Mothering is really the best.

Danyelle said...

Beautiful girl and a beautiful post.

Andrea Neudorf said...

Wow, this post is so lovely! I love the quote at the beginning, and just everything else! Isn't it the best thing ever being a mom? xox

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love her eyes- they are so pretty!

Sue said...

Lola is as cute as her name!