Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Things - Family time

We spent Saturday together. Reconnecting. Enjoying a rare opportunity to spend a full day in each other's company. We joined the club of weekend brunch goers. Though no real club exists, none that I'm aware of at least, following the unspoken weekend moral code, if you're not working, then you better be brunching, we packed up and headed out. We dined on benedicts and two-egg-breakfasts, soaking up bits of sun strong enough to make its way past the outside patio's awning. 

After breakfast, we walked to the grocery store in search of the next great meal. Deciding on carne asada tacos, we gathered the required ingredients and headed home where I let Pieter in on another unspoken weekend moral code, if you're not sleeping in, then you better believe you're guaranteed a nap. After the two hours of family nap blissfulness, we ate an early dinner and later bartered chores in exchange for paying rights at Gunther's Ice Cream.

Gunther's is a cute little ice cream shop with a big small town feel. So much in fact, I swear there are deleted scenes taking place in this very shop somewhere in The Sandlot archives.
During Summer months, the patios are always filled with frozen-treat-loving patrons. As we headed inside, only stepping a few feet passed the door, Lola was consumed by a horrible case of ice cream envy. 
She was not amused as she was taunted by the sights of others enjoying their scoops of heavenly bliss, nor was she amused at the thought of waiting in line for her "I-keeeemm".
See, not amused.

Lola and I found a table outside while Pieter waited in line for our ice cream. Taking advantage of an opportune moment to ink Lola up, she's now an official member of the Gunther's family!
 My daughter's a bad ass!

Lola, wide-eyed with anticipation and excitement, caught a glimpse of Pieter making his way toward us.
 One part peanut buttercup, one part cookies-n-cream, baby!!!
 Still don't believe that Gunther's is absolutely delicious??? The guy in the background can vouch for us, agreeing that this ice cream is finger-lickin'-good!
 I'm not a random stranger photographer,  I swear. It proves my point though, doesn't it?
Bad ass...


As the sun set on our perfect family day, I sat reflecting on my life and my two loves, realizing how fortunate and blessed I am. I have a beautiful daughter, wildly energetic and spunky in every part of her thirty-one pound little body. 

I also have a constant example of unconditional love. A love that fuels him to put up with me through all of my "feisty Mexican moments". An unconditional love that allows him to be understanding and patient with others even when they aren't necessarily worthy of it. He is perfect.

As I crept in to take one final look at my little sweets before I headed to work the next morning, I saw the little reminder of our wonderful evening. I carried that with me all day.

Happy Tuesday!


Silly Doodah said...

That sounds like a great day! So glad you guys got to have an entire day of togetherness.

PS - Your daughter IS a bad ass. :)

sherry said...

Mmmmm....I'm going to need some of that ice cream next time I'm in Sacramento :)

Teagan said...

What a great day that looks like!! The tattoo - adorable. :)

Missy said...

I have several things to say -
1 - your daughter is gorgeous! Those eyes... *swoon*
2 - she gets her beauty from you, you are very pretty
3 - what a totally rad day (I'm totally bringing that word back) - I love perfect family days! There is nothing better

Finally 4 - I hope this doesn't sound creepy. haha

Great pictures! The tattoo is darling, she's darling and YUM ice cream! What can possibly be better?

kimmyskids said...

What a fun post! Ice cream is a big deal! I love how little kids say I-Keem. Ours did too, and it is a fun memory. These are such cute photos!

samnhal said...

I love that her ice cream ended up in her lap. Your little girl is SO cute. I'm so bummed I was just in Sac and didn't try this out. It looks like a great place.

Tiffany said...

Looks like the perfect night!