Wednesday, May 04, 2011

'Tis the Season

A time of year when the sun's heat and the Delta's breeze mix together and have a little rendezvous in Midtown, cooling things down, making our walks to the local Farmer's Market extra pleasant. My heart began to race as I saw 16th and P lined with those white tents I've missed so much. Tents that house the sweet, fresh, sinfully delicious variety of fruits. Tents that house the uncommon vegetables, allowing our little family to branch out, try something new, and get out of the rut of Winter root vegetables. 'Tis the season for sandals with flair and pastel polished toes, jellies on sweet little feet, and a recently purchased bonnet from Bella Sol Bebe.
'Tis the season of the Summer strawberry. A season of falling under the spell of the ripest, reddest jewels, bursting with flavor. Plucking them right out of the basket and plopping them straight into your mouth. Completely irresistible to every palate.  
 'Tis the season of flowers sold in bunches for dollars and change which end up on our kitchen table. Yesterday's pick added a beautiful and subtle scent of sweet peas to our little home. It's a time for late morning walks, strolling though parks and along streets, hand in hand, enjoying the gift of gorgeous weather.
Happy Wednesday!


Katie said...

Happy, happy Spring!

jenny baker said...

is lola wearing skinny riding pants? she's so up & coming!