Tuesday, May 03, 2011

This Stage

I frequently find myself looking back at pictures from this time last year. It's a great reminder of where we've been, the road we've traveled, and the obstacles we've overcome along the way. It's humbling and it's encouraging. It's the chance I get to see how my sweet little babe has blossomed into the sweetest little girl.

A girl who enjoys a table piled high with all her favorite reads, the plethora of snacks, and the sweet sounds of Hey, Dude as she sings along to The Beatles. That's Lola's version of Hey, Jude. A girl who sits daintily, plucking out each individual raisin before happily plopping it into her mouth. A girl who, at times, seems way older than (almost) two, sits calmly turning page after page, boldly reciting the names and sounds of each animal. Such sophistication.
There are times though, when her true age shines through. These are the moments I enjoy most. Moments when raisins come out of their little boxes clumped together. The way she stops to examine, both intrigued and disgusted all at the same time. The way her fascination takes over and she becomes focused, soaking up its information, trying to figure out if it's inedible or just the ultimate clump of deliciousness.
 Her mind is quickly made up after taking a small hesitant nibble. "Cool", she replies! Labeling something as cool, must mean it's a-okay in her book. We're just waiting for her to say, "(insert mama or papa here), Cool!" That one hasn't happened yet.

This stage is a funny one. I thoroughly enjoy the way she counts out objects. Her raisins for instance, combining and mixing up the numerical order and languages of English, Spanish, and a little bit of gibberish before tossing one of the little guys into her mouth. "Uno, pive, two, tow tow, ten!
We'll keep working on it.
The way her little mischievous mind works. Thinking that this mama has been fooled just because she sits calm and collected for the moment. Ha! I'm not fooled though, because my friends, we had another little sneaky attempt like this one from a few months ago, therefore naming her untrustworthy with crayons. After startling her with my "mom voice", she jumped and had the "caught with my hand in the cookie jar" look written all over her face.
I love her little sly expression. The "I'm gonna look at you while I bite this crayon but I'll stop as soon as you look in my direction" look.
 Lola, you should learn this now. I am your mother! I am omnipresent. No matter how sneaky you think you are, I'm always one step ahead of you!
Happy Tuesday!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

beautiful girl and post. Well said.

Jessica said...

Beautiful photos.....and a beautiful sweetie!

Sarah said...

She is beautiful! Great post. My happiness post was about my daughter as well.

Jenn said...

Adorable... certainly a good reason to be happy.

Katie said...

Ha, she's adorable! I hope I get to see her when we come up weekend-after-next. I know I don't need to tell you this, but take LOTS of pictures of her birthday party!

Dixie Mom said...

She's such a sweetie....and you are a great Mom to be documenting her like this.

Tiffany said...

Beautiful post...the pictures, the words, just lovely.