Friday, October 08, 2010

Goodbye, Summer!

This always happens. The calendar days advance, proving that the next seasonal chapter has arrived. Summer kicks it into high gear, trying desperately to keep the hearts of its followers. The days heat up to an ungodly temperature and my little chicken bakes because this mama forget the sunscreen!

We spent the end of last week sweating it out at the park, living like we were young, deep in the heart of Summer. It took months for Lola to gain the courage to go directly under the fountain's water, but she knew it was just the way to get cooled off. We took long walks, making it home just in time for the heat's high peaks, red-couching it under the air conditioner.

I will miss the season's farmer's markets. The familiar-faced vendors. The freshly baked goods. The ripe, delicious fruits, and the vegetables, in search of the perfect adventure-seeking buyer . I really stepped out of my comfort zone with vegetables this year. From great to not so good, the golden beets, the variety of figs I had never tried before, the bok choy flowers, silk squash, and the bitter melon ...It was great experimenting and indulging in you, locally grown produce. I will miss the Summer's heat on my back and the sun on my face...but I'm ready for the next phase!

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