Friday, March 11, 2011

Scenes From Our Day

Today was a good day. Who would've thought that our week could end on such a high note judging by the way it started. We kept things low key. Little chicken snuck into bed at 6:30 this morning. Unable to fall back asleep, I held her in my arms, snuggling her a little tighter, stroking her little brown curls behind her ear, watching the subtle, yet significant, changes in her facial expressions.

We sat watching the news, eating our breakfast. Our hearts breaking for those affected by the tsunami. I think Lola may have understood that something serious was going on. She sat very calmly, watching intently as she ate her breakfast.

I love the way the morning sun lights up our decorated windows. Rays brighten the colored clings.

Lola gets some playtime in with her horses, telling them all about the movies that she loves. Up. Toy Story 3. Wonder Pets. Sesame Street. You know, the classics.

Notice the rat's nest??? Yep, my daughter does that all by herself!

We get cleaned up, mail out letters to Grandma, Great-Grandma, and my brother, who is in basic training, and head to the park to make the most of the sun shiney-goodness. 

The park is quiet. There are no children yet so I decide to call my Grandma to catch up on old times. I keep an eye on Lola as she runs around, snacks in hand.

After my "brief" conversation with my Grandma, bless her heart, I attempt to get a decent photo for Lola's birthday invitations. I wasn't too successful.

Our friends show up and Lola's horses quickly become the objects of desire. They get taken away several times, but being the feisty little fighter she is, she waits for them to be dropped, then pounces on them in the same manner a lioness pounces on her prey. She keeps her distance for the remainder of our visit, keeping a close and watchful eye on the culprit.

In my head I'm hearing Kathy Bates's accent in The Office. She's saying, "I'm watchin' you, boy."

That's a stink eye, if I've ever seen one!

  Insert Kathy Bates Voice:
"Don't worry little guy, I'll keep you safe."

I don't know what she's doing in that one.

We take a break and enjoy our snacks. Mushrooms. Carrots. Tomatoes. Raisins. All Lola's favorites.

We spent close to three hours soaking up the warmth of the coming season. Our cheeks and any exposed skin turned a nice shade of pink. It felt good. We went home, snuggled up, and took a nap. 

After waking up, I went outside to check the mail. Lola's new sun bonnet arrived just in time for the warmer weather! We are so excited! Can't you tell!

Yay for Spring!


Andrea Neudorf said...

That is an awesome post:) Lola is sooo cute, i love her outfit!

Hannah Sivilay said...

She loves her bonnet! Haha! She is really too cute.

Silly Doodah said...

Ha! Love that last picture! :)