Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loving Where You Live - Capitol Park

I loved yesterday's weather. From indoors, it looked terrible and cold. There was little sun and the sky was thick and hazy . Chilly weather wasn't about to keep me indoors folding the seven loads of laundry Pieter did Monday night. I had big plans for this little duo. We would spend the day in Capitol Park followed by some Goody Tuchew's deliciousness

Capitol Park was full of people. State workers walk its perimeter all throughout the work day, circulating blood to neglected parts of their bodies. School buses parked along the sides hold a sea of elementary schoolers, anxious to get out and explore. Lola runs the soggy grounds, excited to see what she can find.

Her horse tires, so she stops to give him a rest. We had a long expedition ahead of us.

The grounds are green and lush and the earth is moist and soggy, dampening the heels of our feet. Dandelions scattered throughout offer just enough pizazz. Trees tower up challenging the height of the Capitol building itself.

Fuchsia blossoms wafting from the branches of trees land gracefully, embellishing the ground surrounding its base.

People perched on benches or beneath trees, lost in literary combinations. Tranquility.

I love Capitol Park. I could spend hours getting lost in its richness and beauty.
My little chicken is worn out after our afternoon of discovery. She sleeps away the nine blocks back to our apartment on my shoulder.

I will never leave the stroller at home again!

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Silly Doodah said...

I love the way you find joy and beauty in small, everyday things. Lovely post.