Monday, October 11, 2010

Tights & Boots

Although the days heat up a bit like late Spring, Autumn has made its way to Sacramento! I see it all around me. Leaves are changing. Falling. Becoming subject to complete and utter destruction as boot-wearing Lola walks by. I really love the way this time of year makes me feel. There is something so comforting in layering up and going for a stroll.
Last week, Lola wore tights or boots just about every day. Her personality seems to change quite a bit when she is wearing her boots. It is always easy to get the first on, the second is a struggle, but once they are zipped up, the transformation. She suddenly becomes "Lola, destructor of all things", going out of her way to deliberately step on her (poor) toys. She emphasizes every step with the little thump of her heel. Each step, moving her towards her goal, seek and destroy. But nevertheless, tights and boots do add the finishing touches to her, rather, candid moments.

 Happy Fall!

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sherry said...

I feel powerful when I wear boots, too :)