Friday, October 08, 2010

Stir It Up, Little Darling. Stir It Up.

I could not believe my eyes! I took Lola to the park last week and saw this!

 It's true! Lola is a master chef! She spent the time stirring, adding, and sprinkling as if she were creating the most perfectly delicate cake! Her eyes were so focused and by the time we left, her technique was perfection!

This got me thinking. Even though I love our small little hole in the wall of an apartment, Lola really does need a space of her own. And by that I mean, I want her to have a space of her own so I can make her one of these!Or one of these! Or one of these! And along with a brand new kitchen, she is going to need the freshest groceries felt can make, so I'm going to want to get her these! All along with the cutest chef's hat and apron! Can you see it now?!

Here are a few "extra" shots of her that day...just in case you need a little more Lola in your life!

 You all know how I'm a sucker for a good hand picture!

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jenny baker said...

i always need more lola :) love her little outfit & the new background!