Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Year Five

We are rolling around the time where Pieter and I will be celebrating yet another anniversary. I can't believe it's that time again. While sorting through pictures of Lola, I stumbled upon some early photos of Pieter and me, when our relationship was just a wee little thing. It is always nice to look back on pictures and remember. Remember the good times, the great times, and what we thought were, the rocky points of no return. But here we are, practically five years later, through the long-distance relationships, the break-ups, the make-ups, our pregnancy with sweet Lola, and her long awaited arrival. Here we are, another year, easier than its prior competitor, and sure to be outdone in 365 days!

 So here's to the good ol' days, and the wonderful days to come! Happy (soon to be) anniversary, babe! I love you!

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Hannah Sivilay said...

So cute! I love the way you write Lucy. Congrats! Love you!