Monday, July 26, 2010

How Thoughtful

When a long and tiring day hits 8:30pm and my little chicken is all tucked away in her crib, I sit back on the couch and inhale. I take in the day, whether good or bad, thinking about what I have done, what I avoided doing, and what I can do tomorrow. I quickly fold the negative thoughts up and put them in my mental box marked "Do Not Open". It is always on long, exhausting days that I come across little reminders of the girl who loves me so much.

Yesterday after settling Lola in her crib for the night I decided to retreat to the couch and Pieter was going to work on some writing. He avoided the usual spot and relocated to the kitchen table. It was then that I notice one of Lola's little friends.

Her strategically placed forget-me-nots, whether being Velcro finger puppets or small animal crackers, make even the hardest of days seem easy. I love my little Lolita.

1 comment:

Katie said...

She's so stinkin sweet. I wish I was friends with her!