Thursday, July 22, 2010

Body Art

Every once and a while, Lola and get restless with the heat and the humidity. On exceptionally hot days, like the ones we had a couple weeks ago, the only thing I can do to get some of my little chickens energy out is to strip her down to her dipe and let her get crazy with some paint. I've only managed to do it once before with her, while she was fully clothed, and I learned my lesson. Even though the paint is washable, it's one more thing that I would have to wash. So there we sat in the air-conditioned living room, on my old full-sized fitted sheet, with two big pieces of paper, six different paint colors, and a couple of brushes. Did she use the brush? Barely. This is an activity that keeps Lola busy for about an hour, depending on how much paint is staying on the paper and mysteriously getting on her body and staying off the carpet.
Though it had its stressful moments, it ended up being a great afternoon activity.


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