Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Things - Pals

Lola loves her Jessie doll. Naturally, when a child loves something as much as Lola does, mishaps, broken and misplaced pieces are to be expected. Tears and confusion are also to be expected. A lack of understanding. A sense of helplessness. Like the tiny little world she thought she knew was crumbling before her eyes.

I wish the part where I explain how I put Miss Jessie's boot back on what appeared to be an amputated leg was both intricate and intriguing, leaving you wanting to hear more about the parts where I elaborately stitched a stitch so fine, attaching the two, leaving her good as new. I wish that I could get into detail about the time it took to meticulously place that little brown boot on her nub to match up perfectly with the opposing. Details that resembled a little more of this and a lot less Gorilla Glue.

 Moments where I tell you how this complicated and high-risk procedure had my little girl sitting at the edge of her high chair nervously awaiting the fate of her dear Jessie doll. The tension subsided once I finished. I explained to Lola that Jessie needed to rest so she would be better and ready to play in the morning. 

Jessie has fully recovered. She and Lola are once again best pals. Keeping Gorilla Glue on  hand is a life saver. Lesson learned.

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soto said...

I love the way you write. When's the book coming out? ;0)