Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Things - St. George's Day

Lola had her first encounter with a piñata on Saturday. She seemed really apprehensive and unsure at first, but after a couple swings, she quickly adapted to the new, controlled, range of motion.
She and her masked partner in crime, who shall remain unnamed because he is not my child, successfully slayed the dragon, spilling innards of Nerds, Laffy Taffy, peanut butter cups and tiny musical instruments all over the ground. 

 Happy St. George's Day!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love her outfit. Looks like lots of fun. I love her friend's "mask".

Sue said...

Everybody loves a pinata!


Kelly Lund and Kids said...

What a darling outfit!! She looks like she had a blast!!
Happy Tuesday!

- Jessi - said...

She is so pretty and that hair, wow! Looks like she had a fun time :)

Marla said...

I love these shots. They are so fun. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com