Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flashback - Pahrump Edition

I'll be honest. I had intentions of posting these several weeks ago but I totally forgot about them. I mentioned in March that we were going out of town to spend a couple days with our close friends. Well, here's the photo-heavy post. Most of these are from a short trip Suzanne, the girls, and I went on one afternoon while the boys were out shooting. I don't know what the place is called and I couldn't tell you what direction we drove in, but I can tell you that the scenery was gorgeous. Endless blue skies stretched out on both sides, filled with white clouds. It was breathtaking. We took the girls out for a hike and a picnic and both girls did surprisingly well. Lola really enjoyed pointing out the birds in the trees and the little fish and tadpoles swimming around in the warm water.
Later that evening, Suz and I were able to ditch the girls for an evening in Vegas to catch Le RĂªve at the Wynn. This was my first Vegas show. It was amazing.
The girls played well with each other, with only few meltdowns and tantrums. It was a good trip, and it was even better getting to spend time with old friends.

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Katie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! I hope I can see you girls sometime soon. :)