Friday, February 04, 2011

Chalky Bum

So much to be done, and so little time to complete all tasks. So how do I handle this laundry list? I run like hell, doing everything and anything to distract me from my duties. Breakfast date with the chicken and a quick park visit rapidly make the climb to the number one and two spots on my to-do list. So naturally, we invest our time in them. They have occupied the top two spots, after all. Upon finishing breakfast, we run our errands, stop by the house to pick up some park necessities, and make the short walk over. This visit would not hold true to any of the clean, enjoy our snacks while soaking up the sun, visits from earlier in the week.

With the sidewalk chalk in hand, Lola had an inkling that she was about to get really messy.

Have I introduced you to Miss Evel Knevil Van Tatenhove? I haven't? Well, it's become pretty apparent this week that she is here to stay! Whether it be climbing the ladders at the park, swinging on her belly, going down the big slide backwards, or standing on 'her' motorcycle, she is definitely pushing boundaries and becoming more comfortable with the way her body moves.

pink dress photos from a visit earlier this week

 And what would a park visit be without the traditional piling of the wood chips?

I love our park visits. I love rearranging my to-do list for them. I live for them. They are a place of solitude for my thoughts, my shangri la. This visit wasn't like the ones we've been having lately, but that's what made it so special. 
Well, that's enough procrastinating... A bathroom needs cleaning, risotto needs making, Valentine's cards need stuffing and stamping, crafts have lose ends that need tying, apartment needs tidying, and my suitcase needs packing! That's right my suitcase! Baby-free for a whole weekend! Time to dig through my closet and put the mama-garb to rest for a whole weekend!

 Happy wedding David and Mariel! See you soon! 
 Have a good weekend all! And if you happen to see Pieter and Lola strolling around time, show them some love!

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Coffee Break Mama said...

I love that little look of excitement in her eyes in the second photo - looks like a fun time. The chalky pants are too cute!