Friday, January 21, 2011

Park Day

We have been called out of our little apartment into warmer weather and bluer, sunnier skies. This break in weather could not have come at a better time either. Our Sacramento Winter has been fairly mild with breaks from rain and a lack in bone-chilling temperatures. But it's mildness has still left me with a heavy spirit. I've been craving the weather of early Spring, when breezes roll in daily and the neighboring trees are clothed with the look and scent of sweet, white blossoms. We have been so fortunate because the last 48 hours have been surprisingly pleasant. So what did we do? Along with our bucket of sidewalk chalk, we headed to the park!

Have a happy weekend!


The Crazy Baby Mama said...

these are such vivid, dynamic photographs :) thank you for sharing them with the blogosphere!

brytney said...

i love love love her ponytails. they are so cute and they make her look so much older. she is getting so big so fast.

Mary said...

I love the chalk photos, and of course, Lola is as adorable as ever. It was a gorgeous day for a trip to the park.

mrsodell1980 said...

I found you via our fabulous insurance agent ;-)
Your daughter is adorable, and looks like she's loving the sunshine!

Jhen.Stark said...

Oh, I love these photos! My favorite is the one with her in the swing and her smile is just beaming! Such a beautiful girl with a beautiful mama!

I'm so glad the blog world reconnected our lives! :0)