Friday, January 21, 2011

Kind Words

On our way home from breakfast with the girls, a homeless man stopped Lola and me and said, "You two compliment each other so well". I smiled, thanking him for his kind words and went along my way- and then I really thought about his comment. Maybe I'm reading between the lines and maybe I'm drawing conclusions, but I couldn't help but feel, and still feel, so honored by his words. Forgive me for the plethora of love-drenched posts lately, but I really, really, really feel like everyday I am stepping closer and closer to who I am supposed to be-who I'm meant to be.

I feel like I am learning everyday. About patience. About kindness. About joyfulness. About understanding. About love. About all the wonderful threads that, when intertwined in just the right way, make this woman into that exceptional mother. I feel like the work being done in me is slow, but steady, small, yet significant. I feel like each day I'm being spoon-fed a trusty recipe for becoming a wonderful mother, rich in all the attributes needed to support and be the example my little chicken needs. And though I feel like many days I could use a double helping of patience, I make it to the end of the day with a double serving of love.

So I'll go ahead and take it into my own hands and make the assumption that he could really see what I really feel, everyday. I'll make the assumption that that man saw past the woman and child, hand in hand, stepping towards him. I'll make the assumption that that man saw ahead of him two pieces, both alike in greatness, fitting smoothly and perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle. I'll make the assumption that that man saw before him, beneath tree-lined streets and powder blue skies, two hearts, equally significant. I'll go ahead and make the assumption that that man saw the work being done by those two hearts- the molding, the refining, the purifying, how one strengthens the other. 

Maybe I'm wrong to assume what he meant. Maybe he's crazy. But I do know this. I know that what I feel now, that level of fulfillment, is greater than any other feeling I've ever experienced.


Mary said...

Lovely post...and you are two lovely ladies. Hugs!

Katie said...