Friday, November 26, 2010

Sunshine After the Rain

I normally love cold, wet, indoor-snuggling kind of weather. Then I gave birth to a "little" who is now 18 months and shows little to no  interest in staying indoors. So we improvise. I bundle her up, thick socks, rain boots, beanie, sweater, and the littlest mittens for the littlest hands! I make sure her beanie is one that covers her ears because that's what my Grandma always says to do. We set out on foot to run our errands, bringing the stroller just in case she gets too tired. Lola brings along her lamb, which reminds me of cinnamon. If only it had the warm scent of cinnamon. Let me tell you, it is far from that! It still has a hint of chicken grease with an afterthought of spaghetti squash innards. Trust me, we've lathered, soaked, and washed it thoroughly. The poor thing is tainted.

What can I say? She loves hard. Her stuffed animals and babies take a beating because she just loves them that much!


brytney said...

your lil girl is hilarious. i love her outfits. she makes me want to buy some rain boots for myself.

Rachel said...

Love those pics of your little one!!

So so so sweet.

Blessings to you!