Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Autumn Window

The sun has finally set on my Autumn window. It is officially time to transport the lovely array of mama-and-little chicken-do-it-yourself -creations to it's final resting place. And though I am finding it hard to dispose of such sentimental pieces of art, I know that the spirit of Christmas will influence my inner Martha Stewart to whip up some new fabulous flair. I'll once again be able to kiss my fingers, wave my hand in the air and shout "Viola! That's how it's done!" And though I am infatuated with the season and the things it brings - cooler weather, lots of family and friends, and the never-ending competition to see who can re-fashion Thanksgiving leftovers into tasty new concoctions- I'm ready to dive into the Christmas spirit.

I'm thrilled about picking out a tree, hanging snowflake garland, and putting up our stockings, transforming our little apartment into a wintery wonderland (on a budget, of course!). I'm anxious to indulge in peppermint bark and sip from big mugs filled with cocoa. I'm curious about making homemade marshmallows and wondering if I'm courageous enough to confront the task. I'm excited about our holiday travels. I'm even more excited to see old friends and their beautiful little additions.

I want to make this a memorable season for our family. I want Lola to look back on photos and videos of our Christmases and see the magic that I'm envisioning.

So good-bye to you Autumn window, resting place for pumpkins clothed in stickers and many a layer of paint and varnish! Good-bye to you Autumn window, where pipe cleaners are regularly worn as accessories! Good-bye to you Autumn window, safe haven to the only butternut squash I've ever enjoyed! Good-bye to you Autumn window, keeper of hand-and-foot printed turkeys!

You've made your mark Autumn window. You have been the embodiment of love and joy and creativity. You have done me proud!

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Silly Doodah said...

OK, you totally need one shoebox to save some of these things. Those turkeys are great! You should at least laminate one of those turkeys and save it. Too cute. :)

Lovely post, and I hope your Christmas dreams come true. :)