Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Steps

Fall is finally here, and it is wonderful seeing this little one come to life! I'm really enjoying the way she is recognizing sounds, the light rail, birds chirping outside our window, dogs barking, and sirens driving by. She likes her highchair facing outside now so she can bird watch while she eats. Occasionally when one flutters by she shouts, "Bir!" How cute is that?!!

Our short walks to the corner store have turned into not-so-short walks because she is fascinated by crunchy leaves and the rewarding sound they make when stepped on. If you see this little one pacing back and forth outside your window, do not be alarmed. She is not lost nor is she nervously plotting how to convince her mom to make dessert for dinner. She is simply enjoying the sweet melodies of Autumn!

And if you happen to see this little one sitting on your front porch, front step, or stairs, don't worry. Yours is not the only one she's been sitting on. She is simply enjoying the weather, taking it all in!

Happy Fall!

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