Friday, October 29, 2010

Leaf Piles & 30 Little Things

I love waking up to crisp Autumn mornings- the sun shining and the birds chirping melodically. They are  welcomed abundantly with the lovely variety of over ripened fruit from our neighbors neglected trees.We are always blessed this time of year because our window faces the treetops of one Asian pear and one pomegranate tree. Both are the Mecca for little squirrels, the most vibrantly hued blue birds, and pedestrians. The treetops make a rather captivating set for those little blue birds to dance around on. Leaves, still the deepest shades of green, each surrounded by yellows, reds and browns. Autumn strangulation at its best! And whether it be passer-by-ers whacking aimlessly at a teasing pomegranate or the little creatures eating excitedly, I stand by my window and smile!

Something about this weather makes me want to be outdoors. It is in the air. It's briskness revitalizes my lungs with each breath, energizing my spirit. As we arrive to our park, we are greeted by perfectly raked piles of leaves surrounding big oak, evergreen, magnolia, and maple trees. The playground is empty, not a child in sight, but is full of the  sweet scent of moist wood chips. My little chicken takes off to explore the uninhabited terrain.
Seeing her explore on her own reminded me of this post, written five months ago. It is wonderful to see how much her features have changed and how much she has grown. She is just as independent as ever and still loves trying to stick the wood chips through the little holes of the playground.

Seeing Lola stomp through her first pile of leaves was magical. She made it halfway in before realizing she was in knee-deep. But the uncrunched leaves in the center of the pile were worth it. She sorted through to find a couple she could really explore.

Being a mother in Fall is something special. It offers new opportunities to create lasting memories. I want to challenge myself to really zone in on what gives value to my life, the little things, the things that make me rich. I am challenging myself for the thirty days of November to make one picture post a day. Short and sweet, full of these little things.

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jenny baker said...

love these pictures! lola's hair is getting so long!