Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lola- The Crash and Burn Energizer Bunny

Our days at the park are endless. We go just about everyday depending on the weather. Ever since last week, Lola has been exceptionally interactive. She has begun to jabber in her own little language, which is hilarious. Occasionally she will murmur something that sounds like "human words".... Today wasn't any different than our usual park visits, except there were no kids! So the two of us made the most of it. Lola LOVES playing in the wood chips. Normally I'm one of those hovering moms, but today I decided to step back and see what she would do. She walked, better yet waddled, around the park pointing and chatting to herself about God knows what.
Eventually I went over and took a seat on the floor alongside her.

She began handing woodchips to me, followed by a very polite (but mumbled) "Tantoo", which I'm assuming is a lose translation for "thank you" in Lola-sh.This continued and continued....

.....and continued....

....and continued....

until finally she found one she considered unsatisfactory!

Then it was time for her to move onto something else. Ever since she has gotten better at walking, she's had the shortest, and cutest, attention span. One minute it's one thing, the next, it's another. It is so funny. She went from playing on the floor to playing on this toy motorcycle that rocks back and forth, to walking up to the sidewalk, and eventually to the gate that holds kids's like that!

Believe it or not, she then lost interest (or maybe she just gave up) at walking along the fence. Near by was a beautiful green leaf. She quickly scouped it up and began walking near the playground again. I'm not entirely sure if her jogging skills have gotten better or if it's just that she wants to move faster and her legs cant keep up. I quickly remembered that there is a small step before entering the woodchips, but apparently, I didnt remember fast enough because right after this..

...she fell face first. I think I do a great job of capturing her momentum, and a horrible job at keeping a "safe" eye on my child. Good thing she didn't cry!

We spent the next 20 minutes hanging out in the shade of the playground. She finally got tired...and I mean melt-down tired, and took almost a 2 hour nap when we got home!

It was a wonderful day! And I can't wait to see what Lola does tomorrow!

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sherry said...

I LOVE that you're chronicling the moments/stages!! You and Lola are going to have such a special relationship as she grows!