Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dandions and First Love

 I know this may sound a little bias, but I'm pretty sure I have the greatest daughter in the world! She is wonderful! I can't seem to get enough of my little chicken. She is at such an amazing, and exhausting, age right now. She literally wears herself out by the end of the day...and I don't mind that one bit! Ive been in the habit of taking her to the park in the evening, after the sun has exhausted itself from blasting the playground with its heat. I love when the sun retreats, allowing the cool shade and breeze to be great contenders. I take Lola about an hour before Pieter arrives home, then he meets us, and tries to sneak up on Lola so she can be really excited to see him.

Yesterday was no different except that there were three other children around Lola's age. We have kind of lost our "connections" with all the other toddler babes since we switched our park time visits, so this was a wonderful treat for Lola. There was one boy in particular, Justin, who was drawn to Lola. He wasn't quite walking yet so Lola wasn't too interested in him- naturally, "Who wants a guy who can't even walk?!?!", was probably what she thought to herself. So, being the incredible,-wobbly-wandering and independent type, she kept to herself the majority of the time and made the occasional "drop-ins" to show her affection, literally, and play hard-to-get. I've never seen Lola so affectionate towards another little one. She shared her wood chips with Justin and even gave him the sweetest, most innocent hugs a mom could dream of seeing. She is so caring towards other little ones; it's like she really cares for them!

A couple months ago I tried to show her how to blow on a dandilion. Of course, she seemed highly uninterrested and wanted nothing more than to eat the dang thing. SHOCKER, my child sticks everthing in her mouth. Yesterday she caught me by surprise when she plucked a fully loaded dandilion from the playground grass and tried blowing on it. Sure enough she ended up inhaling hard enough or secretly managed to get her lips around it because there were dandelion bits all in her mouth.

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