Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day 392: A New Tooth and A New Stage

We have been working hard to get Lola to sleep through the night. Those of you close to us know that this has been nothing more than a constant struggle for the three of us, partly because Lola hadn't really been put on a bedtime schedule and some of us, I will name no names but you know who you are, are still enjoying the co-sleeping phase that we should have been past a long time ago! Sure enough we managed to step foot into the realm of sweet dreams and groggy-free mornings! YAY FOR US!!!!  It pleases me to report that Lola now, for the most part, sleeps through the night and mommy and daddy are especially happy!

We had one night in the last week that was completely horrible. Sure enough I noticed that she now has a new top tooth to add to her collection! YEAH LOLA!!! Unfortunately, they aren't her two front teeth. They are the ones that are sandwiched between the front teeth and the canines. I imagine she will resemble a little vampire for the next couple months, and if her teeth take as long as they have been, I have a pretty good idea of what she will be for Halloween this year. I'm not at all sad about her lack of teeth. She is already a year and only has four pearly whites. I've been really lucky because I think she may have only attempted to bite a couple times. I have a sense of when she will "attack" because she gets really still, her mouth open, and her big brown eyes spanning from side to side like she's either debating with herself whether or not to do it or when would be the perfect time to chomp down.

The newest addition to Lola's personality has been her enthusiasm towards independence. I'm going to be honest, I miss taking Lola for walks in the stroller without her having a melt down and wanting to walk, by herslelf. I'm not kidding about the walking by herslef part either! It is close to impossible to distract her long enough to grab ahold of her hand. I guess this is just another phase. She also HATES having her diaper changed. Every diaper change seems to turn into a battle of the strong-willed, her buns clenched so tight and her body completely arched like she's been practicing her yoga backbends. She is one tough cookie, but I always win! I have a feeling it's going to be a long road and many years of steering my wild child in the right direction, both figuratively and literally, but it will really be a fun journey. She has also really been into singing and dancing. She babbles along to songs and shakes her little hips and gives the occasional foot stomp. What a cutie! I've got her used to brushing her teeth in the morning with me. It's pretty cute seeing her ready for the day with her little toothbrush in her mouth.

Being Lola's mom has taught me a lot about myself. I never thought I could love someone to the point of tears. She is such a sweet little bird. I love the funny sounds she mumbles in her sleep, her crazy little pointer finger, the insanely styled bedhead she wakes up with, even the consistent string of drool that's been hanging from her mouth. She has taught me to be patient, or better yet is teaching me to be more patient, and has taught me to laugh at the gobs of food highlights in her hair. I'm convinced that it's the hardest job on the planet, and it's a 24 hour job for the rest of my life. Like the deep and honest relationship I have with my mom that continues to evolve, I know and look forward to having the same with my daughter! But for now, I'll enjoy the present!

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