Tuesday, May 25, 2010

$5 bucks well spent

Since last summer, I have made it "tradition" to treat myself to a little something every week from the farmers market. Aside from benefiting from fresh fruits and veggies, I allow myself to spend $5 on a bouquet of flowers. Now in flower shops and grocery stores little cash flow wont get you much in terms of flowers, but our local FM has two tents that sell the most beautifully, vibrantly colored flowers I have ever seen. Last week I purchased a bouquet of gladiolus. There were about 7 already opened up and another 5 or so that were just waiting  to make a later appearance. To my surprise, they are still alive today.

I generally go for the same color palate. I really love Mexican folk art, being Mexican and all, so I tend to gravitate towards anything that is saturated in color. This week a bouquet of thistle-like flowers caught my eye. They are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have flowers like this, or this color at least, at my wedding. I really hope to capture a something that resembles Mexican folk art, and I think these colors would be perfect.

Unfortunately, the pictures don't really do my fabulous bouquet justice because I took most of them when I was already indoors.... but trust me, they are breathtaking.

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