Friday, April 02, 2010

Chicken Soup on a Rainy Day

Lately, I've been really into cooking soups, chili, etc. in bulk and freezing it for a rainy day. Today couldn't have been a more perfect day! So sure enough, right after returning from my doctor's appointment, I rummaged through the freezer, and pulled out my last batch of chicken, vegetable, barley soup! Within minutes the apartment smelt like warmth! There really is nothing better than a house, or in our case a hovel of an apartment, that smells like hard work simmering all day over a hot stove! Or in this case, reheating in minutes! As I hip-held Lola into the kitchen to check on the progress, Lola couldn't help but be as excited as I was! Bless her heart! I am really fortunate to have a picky free child! She eats everything! AND I MEAN EVERYTHING....if we let her! So I grabbed our mini chopper, threw in some of the soup minus the broth and roughly chopped it. VWUALA!!!! Baby food! Lola gulped it up faster than I thought she would! Sure enough, I was allowed to sit down and enjoy my bowl(s). It's amazing what a couple of simple, organic vegetables, a whole chicken, and a rainy day can do to change your outlook on a long week! Then next time I have a long week, I know where to. Have a great Easter everyone!

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