Monday, December 14, 2009

You Cant Always Get What You Want...

So now that Lola has been crawling around she has an intense interest on whats going on in "her world". She is such a curious little girl, as most children are at this age, and would much rather be aware of whats going on around her instead of eating....most of the time! even though it is such a pain to constantly be on top of her and know where she is and what she is getting into, i find it really cute! most of the time when i tell her "NO!", she'll look over at me and give a big toofless smile! today was a little different though. we had a rough night. Lola woke up so many times last night so we were both so tired. when i was holding her on the couch she kept trying to reach for things and was really getting upset that she couldn't get her hands on anything. i turned to her and said, "you cant always get what you want Lola!" i started singing that famous Rolling Stones song, and before i knew it she was fast asleep. she napped for two hours and i continued my sprint through LOST season 2! bless her heart!

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